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The # 1 Small Business Solution 

  • Transform your cash-demanding profit - seeking, underperforming business into a profit - maximizing cash flow rich one that can flourish in any market.
  • Discover your business true potential by identifying the best areas of unrecognized sales, profit and growth opportunities in 30 different key areas of your business.
  • Eliminate competition and dominate your local market, by making your business the obvious choice when it comes to buying what you are selling.
  • Discover "the smart way” to maximize profitability, so you can earn more, and keep more of what you make - without needing more and more sales
  • Double your sales and/or profits – and do so in 6 to 12 months, by only making a few small changes of between 1% and 10%, in key areas of your business
  • Eliminate All The Urgent, Pressing Cash Flow Problems That are Forcing You Into Making Bad Decisions And Digging Yourself Into A Deeper Financial Hole.
  • Create a better and more sustainable financial future, without sacrificing every working hour in the day, and without taking on more debt
  • Stop missing out on  huge opportunities in your business that is costing you thousands, if not millions because you don’t have cash or credit to take advantage of them
  • Turnaround your business if in crisis. With No time to waste, little or no place for errors, and very few second chances we can help to lead your business away from trouble, and back to success
Business Coach

About Your Sniper Business Coach 

Having owned 40 of my own businesses, in multiple industries, in the past 30 years, I'm sure you can imagine I have succeeded, and failed more times than most.

That's why I understand small business owners problems, fears, dreams, and challenges probably better than anybody else. It's also the reason why I know what really works and what it takes to succeed. No matter what your situation, he has been in your shoes, not once but several times. 

"It's Not just about growing, improving, or the turnaround of your business to me. Your success or failure in your business over the next few weeks, months, and years will determine and affect the rest of your life. It's about your livelihood, your future, and the future of your family"

Here's Who We Can Help!

We offer the perfect combination of business coaching and consulting services, to not only ambitious small business owners who wish to achieve bigger, and faster business growth, sales, and profit, but also to business owners in crisis, and under pressing cash flow problems that wants to turnaround the business. 

  • Your business has been operating for a while.
  • Your business is doing below $5 million in sales per annum.
  • You must have a steady flow of customers and/or potential customers.
  • You must have a good product or service that has real demand, and that you believe in.
  • You must be committed and motivated to grow your business sales, profit, and income
  • You must be willing to learn and test new strategies and ways of doing business, without putting your business at risk

"Since we started working together a few months back Hans helped and guided me into my success story, Within the first month a minimum of 184% increase in profit and over 3 months an increase in sales of 30% without spending a dime in marketing, despite the bad economical state our beloved country is in. Now That is what I call RESULTS!!! I Strongly Recommend Hans as a business coach and consultant for any business, for he is one of the none that I know of who is actually willing to share his many years of experience for FREE...!!! So don't hesitate and don't wait too long and leave your business to suffer in these times, get in contact with Hans and start working together to rise above the rest...!!!" Dereck, Business Owner

Need more hands-on help with your business?

Schedule a FREE No-Obligation, 45-minute Strategy Call, with us, so you can identify areas of immediate sales, profit, and growth opportunities in 30 different areas of your business. 

  • Your Sales And Profits Just Don't Meet Your Expectations...
  • Have You Been Unable To Grow Your Business As Fast And As Big As You'd Like... 
  • Losing Business To Competitors And Finding It More, And More Difficult To Maintain A Competitive Advantage...
  • You’re Working Harder And Harder, And Still Making Less And Less Of What You Make Every Month... 
  • The Sales Are There, But It Feels Like Your Cash Flow Problems Will Never End, No Matter What You Do... 
  • Missing Out On  Huge Opportunities Because You Don’t Have The Cash Or Credit To Take Advantage Of Them... 
  • Feel Out Of Control And Overwhelmed And That You’re Not Running A Business, But Your Business Runs You... 

Everything Starts With A 100% Cost-Free Strategy Call

During the call, there's No sales pitch or attempt to sell you anything. This is about a business coach helping you brainstorm ideas and strategies to help you increase your sales and profit immediately. After our “Strategy call,” you will have 1, 2, or 3 immediate solutions to optimize your business and increase sales, cash flow, and profits.

You’re guaranteed to uncover untapped opportunities hidden in your business. You are also sure to unmask problem areas you need to fix