100-Fold Business Growth

Growing Your Business 100 X Fold

Are these guys off their rockers?!!!  Growing my business by 100%, 300%, 500% or 1000% would be huge stretch.  But multiplying my sales by 10,000%!!!?  There’s no way!

That’s the point.  There’s no way you can do it alone.  This is a goal that is bigger than you.  Maybe bigger than everyone in your current company combined.  But it’s a goal that is doable.  Maybe even essential.


Of all the 30.2 million small businesses in the U.S.—which account for 99.9% of all businesses in the country, 98% of them earned less than a million a year in gross income.  That’s 29,6 million businesses, many of which won’t be around in five years, by the way, and many of which have trouble keeping the doors open, let alone multiplying their business by a hundred.

A typical business that, let’s say, grosses 1 million a year in sales, if hundred folded, would be bringing in 100 million.  “Yeah, right!!  Maybe in fifty years … but not in five.” Yet some have done it! 

Every year the accounting firm Deloitte & Touché publishes the Fast 500 – a list of the 500 fastest growing companies over the previous five years.  There are hundreds of other sectors of the economy – groceries, auto, clothing, and medical – that could produce a similar list of 500 of the fastest growing companies.  For example

The overall 2019 Technology Fast 500 companies achieved revenue growth ranging from 166% to 37,458% over the three-year time frame, with a median growth rate of 439%. Results also show a shift to more private companies making the list (76%) versus public companies (24%) — a 7% change from last year's rankings.

That’s average growth of 439%, which, you’ll agree, is substantially higher than the average growth rate of 11% for small businesses.

On the fast 500, the top 30 companies all hundred folded their annual sales in five years.  Most of these companies you may have never heard of.

Each year Inc. magazine publishes the Inc. 500 list of the fastest growing privately held companies.  The top three on the list had annual revenue increases of 30-fold to 60-fold – that’s 3,000% to 6,000%!  In just one year!

Every business book talks about how to recognize hidden opportunities for massive growth.  Andy Gove, in his book Only the Paranoid Survive, calls them “Strategic Inflection Points”, where the rules of the game suddenly change, causing a massive shift in the way business is conducted.  Gove, as the president of Intel, the world’s leading maker of computer chips, saw how the PC and the Internet were going to dramatically change the business world.

Peter F. Drucker says that opportunities for sudden growth are often hidden inside sudden change.  He states that a great leader should first ask the question, “How can I best serve?”  A follow-up question is, “How can we exploit this change as an opportunity for our enterprise?” 

In the wonderful book “Getting everything you can out of all you’ve got”, by Jay Abraham, he like to call these hidden opportunities “breakthroughs”. There are an unlimited number of breakthroughs out there … just waiting for you to discover them.  Marketing breakthroughs. Innovative breakthroughs.  Creative breakthroughs.  Operations breakthroughs.  Source breakthroughs.  Technology breakthroughs.  Systems breakthroughs.  Process breakthroughs.  Selling systems breakthroughs.  Product breakthroughs.  Distribution breakthroughs.  So many breakthroughs, so little time to discover them all.

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The real question is, are you next?

The size of your question deter­mines 

the size of your answer.

If you ask yourself "How can I earn or create a million rand?" your subconscious mind automatically goes to work looking for the answer. Your mind is compelled to work ceaselessly until a satisfactory answer is found.

Most people ask themselves questions like: “How do I get a job, salary, or work?" or "Can I earn 50,000 doing this?" the incorrect question will generate the wrong result or a less than desired outcome.

Questions predetermine the answer. The size of your question deter­mines the size of your answer. Few people ever ask million-rand earn­ing, inventing, innovating, generating and creating questions. They are yours to ask.

Ben Feldman, known to many as the world's greatest insurance sales­man, once said that the difference between earning 100,000 per year and a million rand per year was effectively one zero. To earn 100,000 per year, a commissionable salesperson must work 250 days @ 400 a day. To earn a million a year, the 400 must be increased to 4,000 per day. The difference is one zero. The mandate to make it hap­pen was: "If your loved ones, lives depended on it, could you do it? The answer was almost always resoundingly "YES!"

What that means is that individuals who ask the wrong question are living below their true potential. They have more ability and talent than they are utilizing. This is true for almost everyone. We are encouraging you to rethink what you could do and do it now!

When we decided to create this book, we asked: "How do we write a totally original book that stimulates the creation of one million millionaires­.

Crucial to earning twice as much in half the time is to believe that you can. Which means focusing on a prosperity mindset – one of abundance. Get into the mood by reading Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich.” If you’ve read it before, read it again. Chapter Four is about something Hill calls autosuggestion.

You have huge potential:

You have huge potential and you don’t need to have average results. The human brain is amazing and can understanding incredibly complex concepts. But most of the times you are unable to recognize the obvious and simple solutions.

Some true examples:

  • Ice cream was invented in 2000 BC. – It took 3,900 years before someone figured out the ice cream cone.
  • Bread was baked in 2600 BC. - It took another 4,300 years for somebody to put them together and create the sandwich.
  • The modern flush toilet was invented in 1775, but toilet paper was only invented in 1857

They seem so obvious and we can’t believe we didn’t see them sooner.

You are sitting on a goldmine.

You are surrounded by plenty simple, obvious solutions that can dramatically increase your income and success. The problem is, you just don t see them or you just don’t have the time to look for them. If you're like most entrepreneurs, you are very good at what you do, almost too good. You make all the key decisions and handle all the important things. Small business owners are the hardest working people I know.

As a small or entrepreneurial business, you are normally so busy working in the business on the day-to-day activities that you don’t have the time for Strategic Planning. Well, to be realistic most business owners don’t even have the time to take their families on vacation, in most cases because the business can’t run without them.

  • It will show you an abundance of new and overlooked and hidden profit opportunities in your business that you have never thought off.
  • How to add new profit centres to your business without external financing.
  • Create a business that works hard for you, so you don’t have to.
  • I will give you proven strategies and detailed examples of how to leverage those strategies so you can turn them into greater income and profits.

Abundance Thinking

The Universe is fundamentally abundant. There is no shortage, except in our own mind. Infinite growth, profit and income potentially awaits each of us who apply the principles of acquiring it. You can decide to become wealthy and abundant now, and the Universe will cheerfully provide. Opportunities and blessings come to individuals who embrace an abundant attitude. Everywhere people have created abundance for themselves, so can you!

The dictionary defines abundance as "great supply, plentitude, sufficiency, more than enough.'' What is the significance of this? It means there is more than enough to attend to the needs of everyone, everywhere and simultaneously create a sustainable environment and economy.

The world including your country, is FULL of money, possibilities and opportunities that are just waiting to be grabbed by anyone smart enough to see and act on them. There is and always be PLENTY of money around you. We can also say that because there is so much money around you, there must be enough for YOU – more than enough for everything you need and want…

To acquire abundance, we first must successfully and repeti­tively acquire a mental state of abundance. Why? Because our state of mind creates our state of results. Affirm the following each morning and night for the next 30 days or until it becomes the truth for you. Preferably, do this just prior to sleep and just before getting out of bed in the morn­ing. Repeat it with feeling, belief, imagination, arid acceptance:

An abundance of money is mine to earn, save, invest, multiply, and share to make everyone better off.

Everything that happens to your business depends on you alone

Who or what is responsible for your current circumstances in business?

Do you think your current situation the result of circumstances beyond your control?

Can you influence the events that touch your business?

Many prefer to blame God, their employees, their suppliers, their partners, their family or spouse, even the political system they live in for their current circumstances and failures in business. Unfortunately, most never realize the role their past decisions and actions have played in bringing them to their current position in business.

You make your own choices, whether actively or passively, thus everything that happens to you depends on you alone. Every choice you have made has had an impact on your view of the world, other people, your business and especially yourself. Every choice you make today will have a profound impact on your future

Your Business Can Only Grow to the Extent - YOU Do!

Small business success is less about tactics, techniques or mechanics. Small business success has much more to do with the entrepreneurs and how they habitually think and act. Your business success too will depend in large part upon shaping your mind to work for you, not against you. The true battle waged for business success does not take place in the market arena; it takes place in the mind of every business owner, you and your clients included.

Being a successful entrepreneur is really about mastering your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and focus. It’s about using your mind as a powerful asset, not a destructive liability. Your greatest competition will always be with yourself, especially fighting off the mental gremlins (doubt, fear, limiting beliefs, feelings of unworthiness, etc.) that wish to deny you your dreams.

Last month, I wrote about focusing on being positive and having a positive outlook and not letting the Fears, Uncertainties, and Doubts, get the best of you. What truly matters for business success is the entrepreneur understanding himself/herself (strengths, weaknesses, dreams, mental barriers, etc.), taking full responsibility for his/her results, possessing effective mindsets and believing in his/her

To take your business and personal life to a higher level, you must master the inner game of business. You must improve your mindset, believe in yourself, and believe in the value of your services. You must think like a successful entrepreneur, and think like a successful marketer.

In the end, focus less on the external game of business, more on the internal game.Too many business owners try to mimic the exact actions, tactics, techniques, and They try to say the same things, do the same things, and look the same way.

Instead, they should be trying to figure out the mental approaches of successful entrepreneurs. How do they mentally approach the sales process? Remember, what you become is far more important than what you get.

The important question to ask in the business is not, "What am I getting? But should be, "What am I becoming?

Getting and becoming are directly linked to each other What you become directly influences what you get. Think about it,  most of what you have today you have attracted by becoming the person you are today.

You will find that income rarely exceeds personal development. If you do, then unless you learn to handle the responsibilities that come with it, it will usually shrink back to the amount you could handle.

So the real question is, are you going to become one of the next top 500?  Are you going to start asking the right questions and develop the mental state of abundance?

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Hans had 40 of his own businesses over the last 30 years and is famous for creating fast-growing businesses” He is an author, speaker, coach, and consultant and a specialist in business optimization and turnaround, helping smaller business owners eliminate business limitations, threats, and growth challenges in achieving their sales, profit, cash flow, and income goals with sniper precision.

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