The Worlds Fastest Way To Increase Business Profitability

Read this if you want the quickest way to growth your business, profit and income with different scenarios and results visually illustrated to help you make even better decisions.

Many experts claim that the fastest way to increase profit is to increase your prices. I don't totally agree with them. This may be one fast way to increase profit, but it’s not the fastest. Reducing the business variable cost also known as the Cost Of Goods Sold, is just as fast as increasing prices. These two strategies have exactly the same results on your profit margin. But there is an even faster less risky way.

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How to strategically grow your business without spending much money?

Struggling to grow your business, With No Money? You don’t need to borrow money to make it big. Here are 4 Quick and Easy ways for growing your business, profits and income in Any Economy!

To grow your business with no money you need to “Maximizing what you Already Have” To create better results, achieving more with less in the most important areas of your business. You need to leverage your time, your efforts, your money, and your knowledge by implementing small improvements in the most important key areas of your business over a long period of time. Slow and steady, just like a sniper - taking out competitors without them ever sees you coming.... A deadly strategy 

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why most small business fail

42 Costly & Unnecessary Mistakes Business Keep Making

The real reason why most small business fail is our ability to react to changing conditions, to implement the necessary changes and improvements in 6 basic areas of your business. There are many reasons why most small business fail or finds itself with declining profits, sales, cash flow. But the largest single cause of most small business failure, is management failure. 

How do most small business fail

Every reason for success and business failure, except for a few external reasons like sudden illness, legal challenges, natural disasters or unfavorable government policies can be found within these 6 areas:

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6 Factors To Guaranteed Business Success

Success lies in mastering 6 basic factors in business and avoiding the number "one" factor responsible for business failure - and success is guaranteed to follow. 

The truth is that business success lies in mastering the basicsIt's about focusing on producing greater results and performance from the same activities, the same capital, and the same people. It’s about getting substantially more for less, optimizing and multiplying the results in your Key Success Factors with minimum effort, expenses and risk.

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6 Top Critical Key Success Factors In Any Business.

In the rush of modern business, there is a growing tendency towards over-complication. We need to keep things simple and keep focused on the Key Success Factors for growing business. There is something magic about simplicity. Over hundreds of years, the same principles for success have applied and still do today. After 30 years in business, and owning 40 of my own businesses and 2 bankruptcies, I came to this conclusion: The key to success in business lies in mastering your skills and mental attitude in these basic 6 Top Key Success Factors in your business.

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How to Maximize Small Business Profit – Step by Step

There are only 4 vital factors that have the potential to increase your small business profit and dramatically grow your business in any economy!

Now here is the existing part. You don’t have to make big improvements in each of these 4 areas to see massive results. Within each of these areas there are many actions you can take. Regardless of what works best for you, the important point is that a modest increase in each of these areas can result in a dramatic increase in small business profit and income in any economy.

Discover how to maximize small business profit once and for all, get out of debt, pay the bills on time and take home a good living.

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Cost vs Revenue

“Should you cut cost, or focus on increasing sales?” How do you choose, and which will work best for your unique business? Making the wrong decision can lead to lost time, money, or even business failure. 

There is a large debate regarding this matter between "financial specialists" and  marketing experts" for decades. The financial specialists recommend cutting cost and the marketing experts recommend focusing on sales. Everyone with his/her own opinion, believes, conviction and facts.  "This has lead to a lot of wrong advice that have caused many small businesses to fail". 

There’s only one absolute truth. You have to do a cost vs revenue analysis because no business is the same. In this article we will visually illustrate, compare and prove what effects both choices have on your business, so you can choose for your self. 

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Fast Business Growth With A Simple One-Page Goal Plan

Today I want to share a simple one-page goal plan that I have used over the years to grow my businesses with 100%, 500% and even more than 1000%. It helped me out-sell and out-grow my competitors over a relative short time. It's something so powerful but so simple that it actually works.

We all know we have to set targets, create a vision for your business and have a clear picture of what you want. But for most business owners, although we know it is very important to do these things, we don’t have the time to daydream. We have a business to run, customers to help, deadlines to achieve and fires to put out. We are very busy people. 

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How To Reduce Operating Expenses In Business: Step By Step!

It is shocking to see that the average small business has to increase sales and revenue with as much as 22% every year, just to cover annual increasing cost! No wonder, most business don't make it to year 5.

In this article, I will focus on how to reduce Fixed and Variable cost first, because it is very important to make sure you are profitable before you start to increase sales. This is also the fastest and easiest way to increase profits because you can implement it immediately, although it may take a few weeks to see the results, Expenses have an ugly habit of accumulating over time and eliminate all your hard-earned profits.

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How To Implement Business Strategies: Step by Step

We know that making changes in our business can sometimes be a scary and risky idea. We need to carefully evaluate our business and the changes we want to make so that we don't put it at risk. Before we implement business strategies we need to understand how these strategies relate to sales, production, customer service and other parts of the business and implement business strategies in such a way that it doesn't affect your cost, sales and profits negatively.

You can use the following simple step by step method to implement your business strategies successfully without jeopardizing the business.

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