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We offer business consulting & advisory services in Cape Town 

to SME business owners who wish to grow their business, sales, and profit.

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Business Consulting & Advisory Cape Town

We offer affordable business consulting and advisory services in Cape Town to not only ambitious SME business owners who wish to grow their business, but also to business owners in crisis, and financial distress

About Us?

Your Business Consultant & Advisor Cape Town

What makes your Business Consultant & Advisor in Cape Town different is he owned 40 of his own businesses in the last 32 years, in multiple industries and a specialist in helping SME business owners to grow their enterprises, sales, and profits.

Hans vRensburg 

  Business Consultant

Business Consultant & Advisor Services Cape Town

We offer affordable business consulting and advisory services in Cape Town to not only ambitious SME business owners who wish to grow their business, sales, and profit, but also to business owners in crisis, and under financial distress that wants to turnaround the business.

Business Coaching

We offer affordable business coaching services where we work on contingency like only the most reputable lawyers. We only get paid when you save or make more money. That means we don’t get paid unless you do. This gives us more incentive to work harder and achieve a favorable outcome for your business.

Assisting business owners through difficult financial, operational, cash flow, and legal challenges, by providing business turnaround solutions to help you lead your business away from trouble, and back to profitability while saving your sanity.

Company Business Plans

Business Plans for existing businesses that wants to apply for more funding to increase growth, profitability, sales or to acquire investors, potential buyers, and strategic partners or turnaround the business. Professional, realistic, accurate, and comprehensive business plan that includes historical and forecasted financial information of up to 5 years.

Small Business Financial Advisor

Reliable and accurate financial forecasting planning and budgeting you can trust. Detailed 12 months and up to 5 years rolling sales, profit and cash flow forecasts and analysis. Monthly or quarterly in-depth review, analysis and interpretation of historical financial performance against prepared forecasted financial projections.

Business Valuation

Will provide you with a customized Business Valuation Report. Use the report for taxation, raise capital, sell your business at higher price, establish partnerships, buy new business, acquisitions, or let your vendors and creditors know you're financially stable.

Sell Your Business - Exit Strategy 

Don't Make The Mistake of Selling Your Business Short, We can help you get up to 50% more for your business with the development of a 1 to 3 year strategy plan to sell your business at the optimum price within the shortest time.

Buying a Business - Due Diligence Report

Take the risk out of buying or investing in a business and make sure you get the best deal. Numbers don’t lie, people do, and a comprehensive Due Diligence study will determine its real potential and ROI…… before entering into a transaction. This includes a full evaluation of the business’s financial records, revenue, expenses, profits, margins, cash flow, sales, working capital requirements, funding requirements, and trends over time, 

Business Opportunity Assessment

"Done for you" in-depth business performance analysis that assess  key success areas of your business, exploring your business true potential, and help you take full advantage of all the opportunities that exist in your business now. You'll discover multiple overlooked marketing, sales and profit opportunities that can lead to big financial breakthroughs. With just a few of the recommended strategies, you have the potential to double your profits – and do so in 6 to 12 months

Strategy Plans for Business

A business strategy plan is Not a business plan. A strategic plan is focused on a business' big strategy to achieve a long term goal to get from point A to point B as effectively, and efficiently as possible This includes making sure the business long term survival, stability, competitiveness, and risk reduction, to name only a few. We assist you throughout your planning process, step-by-step, and keep you on track...

Strategic Cost Reduction 

We help small businesses maximize savings and increase profits through strategic cost savings in non-labor areas. On average, we save our clients 18% when we audit their expenses and identify areas to save. “Too busy” to focus on this critical area or have no idea they’re overpaying for some business expenses and wasting so much money that directly impacts their profitability.

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"The Fastest, Most affordable Way To More Growth, Sales, and Profits ... Guaranteed."

  • Your sales and profits just don't meet your expectations?
  • Have you been unable to grow your business as fast and as big as you'd like?
  • Losing business to competitors and finding it, more and more, difficult to maintain a competitive advantage?
  • Take the risk out of buying a business and make sure you get the best deal 
  • Don't Make The Mistake of Selling Your Business Short, get up to 50% more  
  • You’re working harder and harder, and still making less and less every month, 
  • The sales are there, But Still No Cash Flow, No Matter What You Do?
  • Missing out on  huge opportunities  because you don’t have the cash or credit to take advantage of them?
  • Feel out of control and overwhelmed and that you’re not running a business, but your business runs you?

What Others Say About our business 

Consulting & Advisory

"Since we started working together a few months back Hans helped and guided me into my success story, Within the first month a minimum of 184% increase in profit and over 3 months an increase in sales of 30% without spending a dime in marketing, despite the bad economical state our beloved country is in. Now That is what I call RESULTS!!! I Strongly Recommend Hans as a business consultant for any business, for he is one of the none that I know of who is actually willing to share his many years of experience for FREE...!!! So don't hesitate and don't wait too long and leave your business to suffer in these times, get in contact with Hans and start working together to rise above the rest...!!!" Dereck, Business Owner

Here is Who We Can Help In Cape Town

We offer affordable business consulting services to hardworking and successful small business owners who wish to grow their business, and also for business owners in a temporary crisis, and under pressing cash flow that wants to quickly turnaround the business.

  • Your business has been operating for at least 6 months, to 1 year, No start-ups.
  • Your business is doing between $700 000 and $7 million in sales per year.
  • You must have a good product or service that has real market demand.
  • You must be committed and motivated to grow your business sales, profit, and income
  • You must be willing to learn and test new ways of doing business, without putting your business at risk

Making your Business succeed ...

Schalk, Driving School

Hans is very helpful when it comes to giving you assistance as far as it concerns you Business and advising you how you can get your Business operating on it's maximum potential, he's also a very good listener listening to your problems and giving you the help you need to make it successful out there in the Business world that's so competitive these days that one struggles sometimes, and you don't always know the in's and out's of making your Business succeed in this tough time that we live in. So in conclusion I would recommend Hans to any Business owner out there struggling to survive...!

Reasons To Hire A Business Consultant & Advisor In Cape Town

  • Transform your cash-demanding profit seeking, underperforming business in to a profit maximizing cash flow rich one that can flourish in any market.
  • Discover your business true potential by identifying the best areas of unrecognized sales, profit and growth opportunities in 30 different key areas of your business.
  • Eliminate competition and dominate your local market, by making your business the obvious choice when it comes to buying what you are selling.
  • Discover "the smart way” to maximize profitability, so you can earn more, and keep more of what you make - without needing more and more sales
  • Double your sales and/or profits – and do so in 6 to 12 months, by only making a few small changes of between 1% and 10%, in key areas of your business
  • Eliminate All The Urgent, Pressing Cash Flow Problems That's Forcing You Into Making Bad Decisions And Digging Yourself Into A Deeper Financial Hole.
  • Create a better and more sustainable financial future, without sacrificing every working hour in the day, and without taking on more debt
  • Stop missing out on  huge opportunities in your business that is costing you thousands, if not millions because you don’t have cash or credit to take advantage of them
  • Turnaround around your business if in crises and lead your business away from trouble, and back to success

Proven Effectiveness

Clients get an average "Ten dollar of benefit for every One dollar of investment in our business consulting  and coaching",  often much more

Over 1500 Case Studies

I specialize as a business consultant, in helping small business owners with marketing and financial optimization, so they can successfully achieve their business growth, sales, and profit goals.


Schedule a no-obligation complimentary consultation where we will identify areas of unrecognized sales, profit, and growth opportunities in 30 different areas of your business.


You'll get all the important

Business analytics you need

The first key to a business breakthrough, or successful business turnaround, will depend on your ability to identify, measure, and evaluate your business key success factors. Instead of spending 90% of your time, money and resources on solving problems, and focusing on things you can't control or that has low value, ratherspend 90% of your time on finding the right solution, defining the problem properly, will result in spending only 10% of your time and money on fixing it

  • Business Valuation Analysis
  • Revenue Growth Potential Analysis
  • Sustainable Growth analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • Operations analysis
  • Limitation and Constraint analysis
  • Business Impact analysis
  • Value Driver’s analysis
  • Financial Statement analysis
  • Opportunity Cost analysis
  • Financial Ratio Analysis
  • Profitability analysis
  • Customer Profitability analysis
  • Product Profitability analysis
  • Employee Profitability analysis
  • Operating Expense & Saving analysis
  • Product Profitability analysis
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Operation & Working Capital analysis
  • Business Vulnerability analysis
  • Variance analysis
  • Operating Leverage analysis

What makes our analysis different is we don't rely only on your business historical financial statements like others. We use information taken from the business current operational activities. The difference is “faster results” because of making even better business decisions based on facts, rather than old, out dated and inaccurate historical financial statements.

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