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Let us help you stop the urgent, pressing cash flow problems that's forcing you into making bad decisions, digging yourself into a deeper financial hole. Together we can restore your cash-demanding profit-seeking business back to a highly profitable cash-flow rich business. Without sacrificing your soul, marriage and your family’s financial future and security.

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Lead your business away from trouble, and back to success

Allow me to show you the best business discovery I’ve ever made after two of my own bankruptcies ...and how to apply it to your business. 

Throughout my 30 years of owning 40 of my own businesses and working with many businesses like yours, I have come to realize ONE THING…

I call it ... Finding The One "Big Domino"

There’s always ONE big domino… This “domino” is the single most important thing you can do (opportunity) with the greatest immediate impact in your business right now. 

And if you can find that ONE big domino “big thing”, and knock it down... Everything will change… and faster than you could possibly imagine! (Normally, we find more than one). 

You see, the real reason why most people join this program is to get one thing ... “Simple Solution”

They don't want 1,000 new ideas they can "test", because there is little or no margin for error, and  few second chances. Basically, they want me to figure out exactly what they should do ...and then help them do it.

Typically, the business has been in crisis for some time and by now you realize that fact, time is running out. 

To save the business, you must act swiftly and decisively to identify the real problem and implement solutions quickly.

Well, that can actually happen fairly predictably with my new powerful Business Optimization Simulator. 

It allows us to uncover major ‘financial breakthroughs’ for ANY business, of any size, and industry, including start-ups. - No matter what the economy.

With the right business analysis and strategies – which is what this 40 Day Business Turnaround is all about, there is no reason to worry about your financial future. 

Our "done for you" Turnaround Analysis & Plan is the fastest, and most painless way to find the ONE “big thing” to turnaround your business. 

You can sail through all the “collateral damage” that destroys so many others. You can lead your business away from trouble and back to success by implementing the custom-made Turnaround Plan that I’m offering to you — right now. 

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

An in-depth business and financial analysis Plus a complete custom-made “Business Turnaround Plan”. The plan outlines everything you need to do to bring in more sales, profit, and cash flow immediately, so you can stop the urgent pressing cash flow problems, turn it around, and grow it into the future.

Recommended Strategies:

A complete list of identified sales and profit-building opportunities with recommended strategies. The order these strategies needs to be implemented based on what the quickest & largest potential payoff. If you employ just a few of these recommended strategies, they have the ability to double your profits – and do so in 6 to 12 months.

Financial Forecasts:

Reliable short, mid and long term sales, profit and cash flow forecasts of up to 5 years, using real-time data. Plus, analyzing and comparing the business current and historic financial information using its financial statements for up to 3 years. This will help you make even better strategic and financial decisions.

'What If' Scenarios:

Powerful done for you 'What If' scenarios with the ability to answer critical “What If” questions about your business that accounting can’t. Like, where the money leaks are in your business, so you can quickly fix it. “What if” analysis detailing the best opportunities for immediate increase in sales, profit and income?

Unique Analytical Insights:

Patterns and trends analysis, as well as recognition of unusual variances in your business. Your business core unique strengths and abilities. Game changing opportunities that is available to you now and how to take advantage of them. Finally, it addresses your Risk Factors, Problem Areas that need to be addressed, and limiting & constraints factors that holds you back.

Plus, If You Act Now ...

You’ll Also Get Valuable Bonuses Worth $1 000

Business Valuation  worth $300

Max4Value Business Valuation using best practice valuation methodologies, so you can see what your business is worth now, and keep track of how the valuation of your business increases  over time while implementing these strategies.

30 Day One to One Coaching Support worth $700

To get you even faster results, each week for the next 30 days, I will have a 30 to 45-minute conversation with you to make suggestions, and help you stay on track implementing the business turnaround and profit-building strategies.

There's little Time, no margin for error...

 And few second chances.

Most small business owners facing a business crisis are caught in a classic Catch-22 situation. On the one hand, they require specialized business turnaround expertise to save their business. On the other hand, their financial crisis prohibits them from hiring the expensive turnaround specialists who offer the expertise. Typically, this leaves the owner facing only three choices:

  1. Walk away at great personal financial ruin;
  2. Hope for someone to  bail the business out of trouble; or
  3. Simply battle on.

Most battle on – often trying to work their way out of the crisis using the exact same strategies which led to the business’ failure in the first place. If you're like most business owners, you're doing everything you can to bring in more sales, cutting expenses, hoping it will work this time. It rarely does.

I know, you will agree with me that the business owner’s biggest challenge is MONEY. The tragedy for most seems to be, the lack of it --a huge CASH FLOW problem. You need more sales, more cash, and more profit. And most importantly, You need it right away. You have to be able to get through the short term, temporary cash crisis and demanding financial obligations. 

Worse, far too many small business owners think that a cash injection is all that’s needed to save the business. So they plow the last of their life’s savings into the ailing business, ... and end up losing everything, the business included.

You’re Only ONE “Big Domino” Away! 

But your business can’t thrive and prosper…it can’t explode with profits. You cannot capitalize on any big business opportunities out there. And you definitely can not turnaround your business — until and unless you first, break it down to its core processes. Because only when you do that can you identify, measure, can you increase, can you maximize the level of output and performance.

To find The One "Big Domino", you must first understand what makes your businesses work. This process begins with analyzing the critical success factors, growth accelerators, and drivers that drives your business results. So you have to break it down to its core drivers, so you can figure out what's working, what doesn’t,  what's possible, and how you can affect those drivers in order to achieve your goals.

Only then can you discover which "one of these things" (big domino) will have the biggest, quickest overall impact with the highest payback, the least upfront costs and is the easiest to implement?

Just ONE of the 30 areas we examine in your business have the potential to double your sales, profit and income? That's why we typically look for breakthroughs in only a few areas of between 1% and 10% to keep projections believable and easily achievable. It’s always better to under-promise and over-deliver. 


Discover the best strategies and lesson learned from the 2008 Recession and the Great Depression. Learn what kind of actions you can take right now so you can survive and prosper in these uncertain times

Average Results people 

experiencing with this

Although individual results will vary, clients get an average "Ten dollars of benefit for every One dollar of investment", - often much more. Here are some average metrics clients experience within 12 months or less:


Average Profitability Increase


Average Sales Increase


Cash flow Increase

Total Improvement

Average Financial Health Increase

Risk Reduction
Business Value Increase
Cost Reduction

Here is Who I CAN Help

Although we can uncover major ‘financial breakthroughs’ for ANY business, of any size, and industry. Your business may benefit most from this turnaround services if you are the owner of a smaller business with annual revenue of less than 7 million dollars, and if: 

  • Cash flow always tight so paying payroll and creditors on time is a challenge 
  • You want to stabilize and save your business – if in crises
  • Vendors and contractors threatening to stop doing business with you due to late payments.
  • You are suddenly losing sales and customers due to circumstances you have no control over.
  • Your business experience declining profits due to  ever-increasing cost and overheads
  • Your bank demanding more security & refuse to increase facilities or wants to reduced facilities
  • Your overdraft is always at the limit, returning debit orders and cannot extend existing credit 
  • You have to handle creditor’s calls every day,  using lots of suppliers and spreading credit around

If your business fits one of these bullets, take action immediately. Earlier intervention can lead to a much better outcome for the business and provides your business with the best options, so if you have any doubts, please contact us today. 

About Hans, Your Business Analyst

After 32 years in business, owning 40 of his own businesses and helping many others, and two bankruptcies makes him one of the best  small business coach and consultants in the world. 

With his experience and passion for statistical and strategic insights gives him a huge advantage in business analysis and strategical planning, and makes him a specialist in business optimization. 

This led him to the development of "The Business Sniper" system, a business simulator that allowed him to become very good at creating highly profitable and fast growing smaller companies for his clients and himself.

"There has never been an easier and more cost-effective way to  immediately profit from my 30 years of business building experience" - Hans

Here’s What Happens After You Sign Up

After you have enrolled.

After you have enrolled, you will immediately be taken to a little form with 9 basic questions about your business, that only takes about 5 minutes to complete. Next, to protect you from sharing any information regarding your business, you can download the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) 

Once I have your information, I’ll carefully review it and do some research for you - looking at your website, brand, social media engagement, and possible competition to prepare us for the next step.

Next, I will set up a time to talk to you more about your business by phone or video call.

Strategy and Analysis call

In this Strategy call (or calls), I will learn as much as I can about your business goals and your current marketing & sales strategies, business and financial challenges, opportunities, operations and capabilities.

With our business optimization software, I will take you through a step-by-step process to analyze your businesses at a deeper strategic, financial and operational level.

Together we will brainstorm ideas and strategies with the help of our powerful business simulator to help you optimize your business, and to determine the exact steps you need to take in order to turn your business around.

After our “Strategy calls” I’ll carefully analyze all the information we gathered, and provide you with a Custom-Made “Turnaround Action Plan” 

Strategic Action Plan

The Custom-Made “Turnaround Action Plan” will outline everything you need to do to bring in more sales, profit, and cash flow immediately. 

The plan comes with recommended strategies, what-if scenarios, and short, medium & long term projections. Including a business valuation and how these recommended strategies will drastic affect your business performance.

After receiving the report, we then personally walk you through the report to help you understand your report and your exact next steps to turnaround your business.

If you  just give it a fair effort to implement just a few of these recommended strategies, you will be able to not just take back control of your business, but also have the potential to double your profits – and do so in 6 to 12 months Without Using Much Of Your Own Capital, Time, Or Resource. 

Why Choose Us

With Little Time, No Margin For Error... And Few Second Chances, This  "Done For You" turnaround analysis and turnaround plan, is just what you need.

Done For You

We do most of the hard work – saving you time, money, and maybe even your business  from failing.

Easy To Use

Everything made simple, for "busy and non-financial" entrepreneurs, with personal walkthrough and support.

No Risk Guarantee

If not earn and/or save at least 10 time more than your investment – you will receive a full refund.

Different Approach

Where other consultants focus solely on liquidation or restructuring. We focus on creating a financial business breakthrough

Fast & High ROI

Clients get an average cost to benefit ratio of (ten dollars of benefit for every dollar of costs), within 6 months or less

Full Customer Support

We nurture our clients to ensure they receive the most effective outcome from our services.

You'll get all the important

analytics you need

With little or no margin for error, no time to waste, and few second chances, sufficient and accurate analysis have to be done swiftly and on every area of the business to identify the real cause of the problem, and to make decisions based on facts. The success of your turnaround strategy starts will depend on your ability to identify, measure, and evaluate your business key success factors in different parts of your business. This is the first key to a successful  turnaround strategy.

Except for your standard "Business Turnaround Analysis" we may include most or all of the following analysis depending on your unique situation. What makes our analysis different is we don't rely only on your business historical financial statements like others. We use information taken from the business current operational activities. The difference is “faster results” because of making even better business decisions based on facts, rather than old, out dated and inaccurate historical financial statements.

  • Business Valuation Analysis
  • Revenue Growth Potential Analysis
  • Sustainable Growth analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • Operations analysis
  • Limitation and Constraint analysis
  • Business Impact analysis
  • Value Driver’s analysis
  • Financial Statement analysis
  • Opportunity Cost analysis
  • Financial Ratio Analysis
  • Profitability analysis
  • Customer Profitability analysis
  • Product Profitability analysis
  • Employee Profitability analysis
  • Operating Expense & Saving analysis
  • Product Profitability analysis
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Operation & Working Capital analysis
  • Business Vulnerability analysis
  • Variance analysis
  • Operating Leverage analysis

Here's the deal...

This Turnaround Plan normally sells for $570- but because you are buying it direct from me, you receive a large discount of over 34% off! 

This Turnaround Plan has never been offered to anyone, except our selected business coaches, and accountants who pay thousands to get access to this powerful analysis for their clients.

That makes it out of reach for most people. Why would someone pay me that much? Because they get huge results for their clients, using this same analysis that you will receive.

I would argue that this is worth thousands, if not millions to you….if you act on what it reveals. There is no price you can put on preventing your business you have worked so hard for, and made so many sacrifices for, from failing 

Clients get an average "Ten dollars of benefit for every One dollar of costs", with in 6 months or less - often much more

A year from now, you'll be looking back on this as one of the best financial decisions you've ever made.  You will be well on your way to generating massive profits and income again, That’s right massive!

“Yes, I Want To Turnaround My Business Today!"

Standard Analysis + Bonus 1
Enroll Now At 34% DISCOUNT @
  • Done for you In-depth Analysis
  • Custom-made Turnaround Action Plan
  • Business Valuation worth $300
  • Personal Report Walk Through
Standard  ANALYSIS + Bonus 1 & 2

With 30 Day Coach Support Worth $700

  • Done for you In-depth Analysis
  • Custom-made Turnaround Action Plan
  • Business Valuation worth $300
  • Personal Report Walk Through
  • 30 Day Coach Support worth $700


Money-Back Guarantee for 90-Days

Yes.  We don’t want your money if we can't find a sure way to turnaround your business. We will gladly give you back your money in exchange for the trust you showed in us. 

With a Guarantee Like that, You Have Absolutely Nothing to Lose. So What Are You Waiting For?

Don't just take my word for it...

See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!



"Almost” bankrupt, & divorced to better financial shape than ever 

From “almost” going bankrupt, and a possible divorce - to a better financial position than ever before in less than 6 months. I owe you my life


Car wash

Bankruptcy, if it wasn’t for Hans from The Business Sniper

Went bankrupt before, and rebuilt the business again. With the Covid lockdown, I would have been bankrupt again, if it wasn’t for Hans from The Business Sniper


Business Services

From a nightmare back into the dream I wanted.

This is worth gold and more because it made me a business owner that turned a nightmare back into the dream I wanted.

We’ve been doing turnarounds for a long time, and have many clients that have successfully turned their businesses around. It’s a reasonable bet you can, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will this take to complete?

Will it work in my business?

What support do I get?

What if I need more help?

What happens after 30 days coach support?

When is the best time?

WARNING - time is A factor

This opportunity is extremely limited because of the one-on-one time needed in order to provide you with great results. Therefore, I can only work with a few people at a time. So this, may not always be available. What Are You Waiting For? Let’s Give Your Business A "Breakthrough" Today