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How Business Systems Can Save Time and Money

Ninety-four percent of all failures are not because people don't want to do a good job. It's because the system they were using failed. We all know out of experience that it is very difficult to rely on people because we are only human. That is why you need to systematize your business so that you can rely on reliable and consistent systems and not people. These systems are managed by your people, and makes not only your life, but also the life of everyone else working for you, so much easier. Systems will allow you to:

Save, Your, Self, Time, Energy & Money

All wealthy people, and highly successful businesses have "million dollar" systems, or  "tried-and-true" methods they have developed over the years of trail and error! If you need a million dollar system for your business, keep reading. 

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Business Optimization in Only 1-Hour a Week

Do this if you want to optimize your business and capitalize on all the big business opportunities out there. You definitely can create tremendous prosperity for yourself if you follow this simple business optimization techniques.

Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs… maybe even you… spend their entire careers chasing a business breakthrough -- yet are completely oblivious to the goldmine of wealth below your feet. With incremental improvements in several of the key success areas in your business of between 1% and 10% that is easily achievable, you have the potential to double, triple and even quadruple your sales, profit and income. Use the business optimization calculator below to see what your business potential is.

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The #1 Small Business Challenges and Solution

Read this if you want the number one solution to any of the big business challenges  you may be experiencing in the list below. The problem is, a chain is always as strong as its weakest link. In business, so many go through so many challenges because those weak links is the ones that destroy you, and not your strengths.

We spend most of our energy on the areas that we feel most skilled and powerful in. People do what works, we do what makes us feel good, what we feel confident in, and avoid the things we feel in-confident in. So what is it that creates so many challenges for small business, and what is the #1 solution to the problem?

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How to Solve Business Problems So They Keep Fixed

With almost 90% of all business “problems” being “people” related, we need a better approach, one that eliminates the emotions, and the blame game. One that solves the problems and prevents their recurrence.

By “problem,” I mean a series of recurring events over which you feel you have little or no control. Problems happen when something is going wrong and your efforts to fix it isn't working. Many problems have an emotional charge: exasperation, blame, confusion, chaos, annoyance, even anger are typical outward symptoms. Some people try to take the emotional edge out of problems by calling them challenges.

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How to Write a Worthy Vision for Your Small Business

Dare to Declare an Impossible Future

If you have trouble with the word “Impossible Future,” or it makes you feel uncomfortable, then you are on the right track. 

Vision is something that distinguishes small business owners from entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs have a vision – they’re trying to create something bigger than themselves. The small business owner is self-employed, focusing on the day-to-day operations of the business, and not so much focused on the future. A business vision can transform small business owners into visionary entrepreneurs.

When you dig deep, everybody has a vision of some kind. The key is to write it down. Having clarity of where you want to go is the first step in achieving it.

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Create a Worthy Mission for Your Small Business

Creating a Worthy Business Mission

It’s not a matter of the size of the business; it’s a matter of the size of the mission of a business. Business success is not due to the individuals of a business, but rather to a group of people dedicated to a single mission. A mission statement helps to create a clear future path, and direction the business is taking to accomplish a specific goal.

Your mission starts at your core, in your soul, felt in your heart, and spoken through your actions – not just your words. The mission becomes the true purpose of your business.  Your business's mission will create a higher purpose that allows others to align themselves with that mission. With a strong mission as the driving force of your business, the needed resources and money will appear to accomplish your future vision.

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100-Fold Business Growth

Growing Your Business 100 X Fold

Are these guys off their rockers?!!!  Growing my business by 100%, 300%, 500% or 1000% would be huge stretch.  But multiplying my sales by 10,000%!!!?  There’s no way!

That’s the point.  There’s no way you can do it alone.  This is a goal that is bigger than you.  Maybe bigger than everyone in your current company combined.  But it’s a goal that is doable.  Maybe even essential.

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3 Steps To A Sustainable Competitive Business Advantage

Today there are very few sustainable competitive business advantages. Creating a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) that sets you apart from the competition is not enough anymore. If you want to be a winner in today's high competitive business markets, learn to operate in a world of unsustainable advantages - by building "layers" of competitive business advantages by improving, changing, adapting, learning faster than your enemy.

Creating a unique sustainable competitive business advantages is the dream of every entrepreneur, inventor or small business who desires outrageous business success.

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Leading and lagging indicators for small business

Leading vs Lagging Indicators Examples In Business

Leading and Lagging Indicators, also known as measures, numbers, drivers, are important (key) measurable values in a business that are used for measuring and evaluating the performance, progress and success, toward an intended result or goal you want to accomplish over time. Lagging Indicators reports past results that already happened, while Leading Indicators predicts future results

Your business success will come from your ability to identify, analyze, and manage the performance of these simple but very important Lagging and Leading indicators in the 6 Top Key Success Factors areas of your business. To change any current results in your business, you have to focus on the Lead indicators or measures. They are the things you can control and influence that will lead to a different result. 

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roles and responsibilities of a small business owner

Key Roles And Responsibilities Of A Small Business Owner

Read this if you want to know what the key tasks, duties and responsibilities are of a small business owner.

The key roles and responsibilities of a small business owner is to maximize revenue, profit, cash flow, income and long-term net worth, by consistently producing greater results and performance from the same time, the same effort, the same activities, the same people, and the same money invested in your business. Secondly to continually reduce cost, and neutralize or eliminate weaknesses, risk and threats and develop a strategic competitive advantage to combat  increasing competition.

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