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Business Optimization in Only 1-Hour a Week

Do this if you want to optimize your business and capitalize on all the big business opportunities out there. You definitely can create tremendous prosperity for yourself if you follow this simple business optimization techniques.

Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs… maybe even you… spend their entire careers chasing a business breakthrough -- yet are completely oblivious to the goldmine of wealth below your feet. With incremental improvements in several of the key success areas in your business of between 1% and 10% that is easily achievable, you have the potential to double, triple and even quadruple your sales, profit and income. Use the business optimization calculator below to see what your business potential is.

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Signs Of Poor Financial Performance In Business

Business financial performance is the overall financial measure of how well a business can achieve its financial objectives, using its assets to generate revenue and profit over a given period. 

These warning Signs Of Poor Financial Performance in a business may indicate that the business may be under pressure, at risk, or in financial trouble and may be going out of business in the near future.  Signs of financial distress in business are merely symptoms of different causes that are responsible for a business in financial trouble.  

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The Worlds Fastest Way To Increase Business Profitability

Read this if you want the quickest way to growth your business, profit and income with different scenarios and results visually illustrated to help you make even better decisions.

Many experts claim that the fastest way to increase profit is to increase your prices. I don't totally agree with them. This may be one fast way to increase profit, but it’s not the fastest. Reducing the business variable cost also known as the Cost Of Goods Sold, is just as fast as increasing prices. These two strategies have exactly the same results on your profit margin. But there is an even faster less risky way.

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How to Maximize Small Business Profit – Step by Step

There are only 4 vital factors that have the potential to increase your small business profit and dramatically grow your business in any economy!

Now here is the existing part. You don’t have to make big improvements in each of these 4 areas to see massive results. Within each of these areas there are many actions you can take. Regardless of what works best for you, the important point is that a modest increase in each of these areas can result in a dramatic increase in small business profit and income in any economy.

Discover how to maximize small business profit once and for all, get out of debt, pay the bills on time and take home a good living.

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Cost vs Revenue

“Should you cut cost, or focus on increasing sales?” How do you choose, and which will work best for your unique business? Making the wrong decision can lead to lost time, money, or even business failure. 

There is a large debate regarding this matter between "financial specialists" and  marketing experts" for decades. The financial specialists recommend cutting cost and the marketing experts recommend focusing on sales. Everyone with his/her own opinion, believes, conviction and facts.  "This has lead to a lot of wrong advice that have caused many small businesses to fail". 

There’s only one absolute truth. You have to do a cost vs revenue analysis because no business is the same. In this article we will visually illustrate, compare and prove what effects both choices have on your business, so you can choose for your self. 

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How To Reduce Operating Expenses In Business: Step By Step!

It is shocking to see that the average small business has to increase sales and revenue with as much as 22% every year, just to cover annual increasing cost! No wonder, most business don't make it to year 5.

In this article, I will focus on how to reduce Fixed and Variable cost first, because it is very important to make sure you are profitable before you start to increase sales. This is also the fastest and easiest way to increase profits because you can implement it immediately, although it may take a few weeks to see the results, Expenses have an ugly habit of accumulating over time and eliminate all your hard-earned profits.

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20 Big Money Mistakes Business’s Make in 2021

Money or the lack of money, will always be the biggest challenge and concern for a small business owner -  This can be natural for being a business owner, although it can be very stressful and force you in making the wrong financial decisions that can have fatal consequences. Here is some common and big money mistakes small business owners make and how to avoid them to ensure success for the long run.

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